About Us

Protata is a Real Estate portal that offers a platform to connect diaspora clients and other service providers in the categories of property, lawyers, quantity surveyors, land valuers, architects, transporters and other related businesses that meet Diaspora Endorsed Standards (DES).

Diaspora Endorsed Standards(DES) Scheme is a Diaspora innovation that provides international best practices solutions to Real Estate and Transport industry in Kenya through quality assured controlled processes and a framework of accountability at all levels.

DES is run on Diaspora’s own Real Estate portal with the aim of safeguarding Diaspora’s investments whilst providing business opportunities to vetted Businesses. Diaspora Endorsed Standards scheme is only open to stringently vetted Businesses that pass background checks; meet a laid down criteria, place integrity, great customer service and high quality service delivery at the heart of their operations.

DES was initially established to serve the Diaspora, but the scheme is now open to the Kenyan Consumers locally who also benefit from the portal and services provided. Anyone can also list, buy and sell properties on the portal.