1. What is

Protata Portal is a platform that connects the Diaspora/Kenyan Consumers with Trusted and Vetted Businesses in Real Estate and Transport industry thereby protecting you from engaging with untrustworthy recommendations and unscrupulous businesses which always leads to pain and loss. Protata is an innovation founded and owned by Diaspora in UK but serves worldwide clients.

2. What is Diaspora Endorsed Standards Scheme (DES)?

DES scheme is international best practices and industry standards processes within a framework of accountability at all levels of engagement for trusted and stringently vetted businesses which wish to trade with Diaspora and Kenyan consumers. The scheme provides safeguarding protocols for Diaspora’s investments and funds. DES approved businesses provide the highest quality of services in a timely, professional and efficient manner.

3. What is the need and associated benefits for

Protata was founded to safeguard and protect Diaspora investments and funds through processes of accountability at all levels. Financial protection is secured through the Escrow Account therein saving Diaspora’s money and time. Protata also provides growth and business opportunities to trustworthy businesses which can now interact directly with Diaspora. DES businesses can access Diaspora’s over KES 200 Billion annual remittances mostly invested in Real Estate. The general public and DES Property developers can also list and sell their properties to Diaspora on the portal.

4. What is an Escrow Account and how does the process work?

An Escrow account is a third party account that holds funds for a project or service. With Protata Escrow Account, Diaspora pays the service provider through the Escrow Account. The Service provider will only receive the funds through staged payments after satisfactorily completing the client’s work.

5. What is the Benefit of the Protata Escrow Account service?

In the past, you would pay a service provider for a job; they would then relax or not complete the job on time, refuse to complete, abscond or complete at their pleasure, often leading to break up of relationships and financial loss. With Protata Escrow Account, it’s the other way round; the service provider uses their own money to do the job, so this means they will complete the task quickly, efficiently and to the highest standards as they aim to receive funds after completing the job and do not want to risk losing money if they provide substandard service. Equally, the service provider can’t be out of pocket once they complete the job satisfactorily.

6. How do I search for trusted and vetted service providers on Protata?

You will find Lawyers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Land Valuers, Property Developers, Estate Agents and Land Dealers by clicking on the images on the Protata website home page if you scroll down. On the left side menu, you can search the service providers by their Geographical location. The service providers are listed on the directory listing on the right hand page.

7. What is Protata’s E- Diary?

Protata’s E – Diary is a daily monitoring process whereby the service provider records electronically the work done. As part of the DES code of Conduct, the service provider must record work done including photos / videos. The E – Diary must be filled in every afternoon for work done during morning hours and again in the evening for work done in the afternoon. The service provider must provide a weekly report and monthly report if the work takes a week or goes over a month including a final project report.

8. What are the Benefits of Protata’s E – Diary?

As Diaspora or consumer, you no longer need to enquire about the progress of your project through endless phone calls. You receive work reports straight on your inbox every afternoon, evening and end of week or month. These means you can quickly highlight any issues before they get out of hand. These communications are legal documents and are monitored by Protata Solutions management. These communications are part of Protata Solutions Limited monitoring and evaluation processes. Protata Solutions Ltd do spot checks, some anonymously on projects.

9. How can I post a job or project requirement on Protata?

On the homepage, click on the “Post a Job” link located at the top. This link will lead you to a page where you can post your requirements. A service provider within the geographical area you select will receive your post instantly and respond. You are free to work with whom you deem fit.

10. Can anyone advertise, post Land or Property for Sale on Protata?

Not everyone’s post or advert will be approved. You must meet the required Protata’s safety and security processes in place. These means that apart from your identity verification, you can only post land which is under your name, and must submit a copy of the title deed which matches with your names or if the land is in a company’s name, you must provide the company incorporation certificate and CR 12 (or certified list of shareholders/ directors). Alternatively, only a Protata DES approved Lawyer, Estate Agent or Licensed and Tax compliant Land Dealer can post on your behalf.

11. Does Protata allow Land with share certificates to be listed or advertised on the portal?

NO. To combat fraud, Protata Solutions does not allow land without a title deed to be listed or advertised on Protata portal.

12. Does a Title Deed mean that the land is genuine and free of encumbrances?

A land search is not enough guarantee. Protata Solutions encourages prospective clients to engage a Land Valuer. A DES trusted and vetted valuer will provide market value, feasibility and deeper information on the land which will reveal whether the land is riparian or encroaches on road rail or government facilities.

13. How does Protata’s Transport Exchange work?

Anyone with a Lorry or Trailer and meets governments legal requirements can apply to join DES Transport Exchange subject to further vetting and approval. This means that Diaspora / Consumers can search for Trusted and Vetted Lorry and trailer companies to transport their goods. DES Transporters must use Protata Escrow Account and where the value of goods is high, a performance bond must be provided.

14. How safe is Protata’s Data and Security?

Protata solutions Limited has gone to great lengths to invest in the security of the site. The portal is hosted by a World leading hosting company that protects data, accounts, and workloads from unauthorized access. Our hosting company provides data protection services, encryption and key management and threat detection and continuously monitors and protects all accounts and workloads real time. Further, Protata solutions Limited adheres to all Data Protection laws and internally operates under strict Data protection policies.

15. How do we apply to become a DES Business?

On the homepage at the right hand corner, you will see a “Sign up” Link. You will be directed to the sign up page. Create an account then proceed to register on the relevant category. Once you fill up and submit the required documents and information, we will acknowledge your account and then we will contact you to inform you whether your application is successful.

16. How do you rate Businesses?

We do not rate DES businesses or ask Diaspora / Consumers to rate businesses. This is because it’s proven that the process of rating can be manipulated or influenced by asking the clients to write favourable ratings. Protata solutions management monitors the E – Diary and analyses the communications for Efficiency, Customer Service, Time Keeping, Quality and Standards. Where improvement is required, we request the company to make improvement or take appropriate action including removal from the scheme. The Protata awards ceremony will unveil the winners for various categories which will improve the company’s status.

17. How do we contact Protata?

Please visit the Contact us page, alternatively, you will see the details on the footer of the website. Follow us and contact us on:, 103806861396912/?modal=admin_todo_tour,