How It Works

Protata Solutions Limited provides the Diaspora and Kenyan Consumers a Real Estate portal to trade with stringently vetted Businesses. For Businesses, this is a platform to interact and trade with the Diaspora and Kenyan Consumers directly.

Trades and Businesses

After a rigorous vetting process, once approved to join the DES Scheme, Registered businesses are presented with an opportunity to expand and grow their business through The portal provides an opportunity to access the huge Diaspora Market that remits over KES 200 billion. DES members are able to list their businesses and can instantly receive and access jobs and contracts posted on the site. The Diaspora can easily search and find listed Businesses on the portal.

Diaspora and Kenyan Consumers being a Diaspora innovation founded out of practical experiences gives you the opportunity to receive services from independently stringently vetted and trusted Businesses. Our aim and objective is to safeguard your investments and provide you with a platform to trade with confidence with trusted and vetted Businesses who operate under a strict but fair code of conduct as part of their membership obligations.

Diaspora Endorsed Standards DES Scheme

Our international best practices and processes are stringently fair and reasonable. Diaspora Endorsed standards scheme provides a framework of accountability and quality assurance compliance at all levels. All Businesses are approved after thorough background checks and according to their ability to trade honestly, transparently and with integrity whilst meeting the scheme’s laid down criteria, standards and appropriate legislations.

After approval, Businesses are allowed to use the Diaspora Endorsed Standards Logo and monitored to maintain standards.

DES Scheme presents Registered businesses with a growth opportunity by interacting directly with the Diaspora market that remits over KES 200 billion annually.

Key Business Benefits

  • Use of Diaspora Endorsed Standards logo which is a sign of reputation and trust.
  • DES membership is a Mark of Excellence that helps your business stand out from the crowd.
  • Access to the huge Diaspora Market that remits over KES. 200 billion annually
  • Give your customers confidence that you are a trust worthy business
  • View, receive jobs and contract enquiries instantly
  • An opportunity to grow your business from Kenyan Diaspora Keen on investing back home
  • Affordable subscription fees
  • Local and International Targeted Marketing
  • Get listed on Kenya Diaspora’s own Real Estate Portal

Key Consumer Benefits

  • Confidence, trust, quality and choice through Diaspora Endorsed Standards Scheme.
  • Trade with independently stringently vetted and trusted Businesses.
  • Investments safeguarding through secure processes.
  • Mandatory compliance quality assurance controls achieved through independent daily monitoring and evaluation.
  • Escrow account services for your financial and investment protection.
  • Secure Staged payments service.
  • Timely, efficient and great customer service.